We’ve Arrived

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Desert Muses

We are as diverse as the desert is dry and bring that diversity to our stories.

Who are we? You can read about our books by clicking on the different categories in the menu above, and read more below to understand how we came up with the avatars collected in our header.

SandyAvatarSandy Wright: This avatar idea came from my first book, Song of the Ancients. One scene has a big black cat, Shadow Moon, show my main character how to open the Orenda family grimoire. Shadow and his brother Magic star in several scenes. They were based on my real-life cats of the same names. Sadly, Magic passed away last summer. He truly lived up to his name.

Beauty brunette wearing fashionable dressCamelia Miron Skiba: You know you want/like/love something when you see it for the first time and in the pit of your stomach have that familiar voice screaming, “This is it!” Well, that’s how I chose my avatar. I had the privilege of working with Polish photographer Konrad Bak and his gorgeous wife/model Iwona Adamkiewicz for my debut novel titled Hidden Heart. The camera loves Iwona in ways I rarely see. There’s a certain level of raw emotions every single photo of hers brings into the spotlight and that’s what represents me best—emotions. Without those emotions there’s no love story and no happily ever after, and that’s exactly what my writing is about.

jennifer1V.S. Nelson: Several years ago, I started looking for a picture which would represent my first heroine, Jennifer. I found the above image and to this day, I still see her as my Jennifer, the Native American Selkie with emerald green eyes. I keep her picture, not only on my desk, but also on my Facebook author page, so it only seems right that I should use her here as my avatar.

NoemiAvatarMimi Sebastian: I love the image of the young woman embracing the stone angel. For me, it represents that darker side of me that seeks expression. I’ve always been that fresh-faced girl turned woman, the one who always carried out her responsibilities, worked towards and attained her goals, and now, makes sure the laundry gets done and the toilets cleaned. My writing provides that wonderful outlet for those darker impulses and possibly why I’m drawn to writing paranormal with a creepier side, or about pirates, the rebels of the seas. There’s something about stone angels guarding the dead. They lament, they avenge, they admonish. They’re neither good nor evil, but simply guardians of humanity in all its dysfunctional glory.

Shanyn's avatarShanyn Hosier: I’m a firm believer that love is love, and a romantic relationship is always at the heart of my stories. I love how the negative space in my avatar reveals a heart. The rainbow colors of the pencils give a nod to the many different genres I write in, to the diversity of characters in my stories, as well as to the LGBT themes contained within some of them.

Annette AvatarAnnette Francine: I selected my avatar to reflect the underlying message in all my books: one of faith and hope. I’m particularly drawn to the cross, contrasted against the nebula, signifying the universal and infinite breadth of God’s power. Secondarily, the vivid colors peeking out from the shadowy edges of the image capture the sense of one emerging from darkness (physical, emotional, and/or spiritual), a metaphor for the suspense driving my plots. Although my characters face perils, beliefs are challenged, and life often doesn’t proceed as they’d hoped or expected, the end result is spectacular.

WendyAvatarWendy Cuccia-Griffin: The long, flowing dark hair is something people often remember about me… something of a defining feature especially since I had had it most of my life. The colors of purple and magenta are my favorite colors but I think they also represent passion and creativity. A few people asked me, “What is she looking at?” That’s probably the most important feature. For me, it shows not only who I am but where I want to be: Curious, eyes wide-open, facing a future of infinite possibilities, anticipating the next chapter in my life as well as my characters.

LeslieAvatarLeslie Chernell Jones: My avatar came about rather by accident. I write military heroes and heroines, and I wanted an avatar that reflected the tough Delta Force males and the strong, capable women who can match them stride for stride. I started with the silhouette of a soldier holding a rifle and helmet, and added a woman holding a semiautomatic pistol. As I experimented with joining these two images, I hit a combination that allowed the woman to seem to peer from the silhouette. I fell in love with it immediately, because it perfectly represents the duality of two souls joined in love, but in all respects equals.

We hope you’ll join us on this blog as we share our writing and life journeys! Thanks for visiting today.


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