Blame it on the Tryptophan

by Mimi Sebastian

I will attempt to write this while in a tryptophan coma, attempt to decipher why, after eating way too much stuffing, I decided I could shove another helping in my stomach, knowing full well I had pumpkin pie to follow. So, if this post makes no sense at all, I blame the rum-laced whipped cream, the two helpings of stuffing, the wine, and the turkey.

In fact, while getting half way through typing tryptophan in my Google search to make sure I spelled it correctly, Google kindly suggested trypophobia, which is the fear of objects with small holes (like beehives). While I don’t think I suffer from this affliction, when looking at pictures like these, I get it.enhanced-buzz-31866-1378936299-2 It’s freaky. That’s a picture of coral by the way.

On the drive to the in-laws today, we listened to the radio, discussing how more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving, and obligating employees to work. Thankfully, I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had to work on Thanksgiving, but I wonder just how much more money a store stands to make by opening on Thanksgiving. A Pizza Hut manager was fired after refusing to open on Thanksgiving, not wanting to force his employees in on that day. Good for him! After the story got some press, they rehired him. But really? How many people are going to eat at Pizza Hut on Thanksgiving? Maybe a few who saw the movie Free Birds.

Speaking of…while I’ve come to appreciate eating turkey on Thanksgiving (it was never my favorite part of the meal), I’ve always been about the stuffing and mashed potatoes, etc. This year, I even enjoyed the cranberries, but they had a little extra something in the mix. I’m pretty sure it was some quite of liquor 🙂 Really though, I think my favorite part is breakfast the day after, a little turkey and stuffing, (always stuffing) gravy, and egg over easy on top. Yum. No matter how you spent turkey day, whether you prefer stuffing, mashed potatoes, or pizza, I hope you enjoyed your day!


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