Flawed Lovers – The Perfect Heroes

jennifer1by V. S. Nelson

As a young woman we often dream of meeting the right man, the one who will be able to support us in the life we have grown accustom to (or want to get use to). You know the type; the clean cut, the perfect gentleman with a degree and a great career, but you know, it was always the bad boy who stole my heart.

Introduce me to “the not too clean cut,” rugged warrior who spouts off a few cuss words and forgets to open the car door and my heart beats a little faster while my insides turn to mush. It’s been happening since I was old enough to say boyfriend. Needless to say, my mother had her hands full with me as a teenager. I dragged home an arrangement of guys to be met with her stern look of disapproval, including the one I eventually ended up marrying.

Like a romance novel hero, Tom was the typical bad boy, complete with a hot rod, a motorcycle and a bad reputation. What more could a young girl want?

The surprising thing was, this bad boy also had manners and could charm the pants off of my mom. He never forgot to say please or thank you, never forgot to open my car door, and never missed an anniversary or birthday. What a package!

I write paranormal romances and each one of my heroes are flawed and a bit on the bad side. They are also yummy enough to satisfy most stern mothers including my own. When asked, where did I come up with these unique guys? That was easy, there is a bit of my Tom in every one of them. It doesn’t matter if they are riding down the street on their custom chopper or sitting behind the wheel of a sleek sports car, there is a redeeming quality in each and everyone and they will fight till the end of time to save the woman they love… and isn’t that what we all want in our own special male Valentine, a hero to save the day.

Gabriel is the cold one, the one who has no time for females, until he meets Jennifer who tears down his defenses and warms his heart.

Raphael, the lover of animals is everywoman’s dream. He’s funny, warm and very sincere in everything he does. He also collects cars and bikes and loves the fast ride.

Lance, the young computer geek is too smart for his own britches. He has the womanizing bad-boy reputation which is nothing more than the personification he built around himself to hide the real him.

Michael, a leader in his own right, he is the healer of the bunch, the peacemaker, and the one with the level head. He’s also the one who says he will remain single for an eternity. We’ll just have to see about that.

Ariel, the sports enthusiast who is too damn good looking for his own good and he knows it.

Thomas, the expert lover of women with manners to charm anyone-anywhere.

Raziel, the scared warrior who lets nothing stand in his way he has a job to do.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you from a bad-boy lover,

V.S. Nelson

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About Camelia Miron Skiba

I WRITE. I LIVE. I LOVE. I DREAM. I WRITE. I’m Chris’ wife, Patrick’s mom and Bella’s owner. During the day, I’m the assistant to the Director in SESE at Arizona State University, and romance’s slave at night. My debut novel "HIDDEN HEART" came out in March 2011. Since then I published four more books and a short novella. I moved to the U.S in 2003, following my heart and the man who stole it. I love comedies, historical dramas and happily-ever-after stories. Each year I participate in one big event that requires me to train. My biggest sportive accomplishment was the 3-day 60 miles Susan Komen Walk. Annually I pick a color I decree my favorite (this year is salmon). I refused to text until 2010, always preferring to hear voices rather than sending emotionless messages. Politic bores me to death and I have no tolerance for arrogance.

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