March Man-ness Bout #1: Pirate versus Sicilian

Vote by leaving a comment (click the balloon at the above right) and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Voting is open until the next blog is posted (3/11/14 around 6 a.m. eastern).

Hot Pirate – pimped by Mimi Sebastian

a5b188ae03867219227bbafdfb4466cfHe’s got swagger, cannons, says stuff like “Me pearl o woman ware,” and rocks the eyeliner. He can sweep you off your feet swinging from a rat line. He’s the pirate hero exemplified here by Colin O’Donoghue who plays Hook on Once Upon a Time. Pirates are original bad boys, that is until they’ve met the woman who steals their heart. So take to the seas, watch the setting sun paint the sky orange-red from the deck, oh, but you won’t really notice because your pirate captain has just thrown you over his shoulder and taken you to his cabin with some ravaging in mind!

If that hasn’t convinced you, check out the following gif ( from Once Upon a Time, scene between Hook and Emma!



Sicilian Stud – pimped by Wendy Cuccia-Griffin


Image by Andrey Kiselev

Heir to an ancient Sicilian legacy, Adrian struggles against the ties that bind him. Until he sees you. Piercing green eyes hold you spellbound, evoking a question of how and why. You know something is different about him but you can’t put your finger on it. You can’t look away.

An unexpected kiss on your hand sends chills over your skin, hinting at a bond neither of you yet understand. Against your better judgment, you have to find out what it is. A fleeting brush of lips, a tease of what is to come, leaves you breathless. Your reflection in his ardent gaze coveys his desire for only you. When he draws you into his powerful embrace, your deepest desires and erotic fantasies come to life. And he fulfills every one of them.

His mysterious history of ancient secret societies and elemental magic both frightens you and compels you to know more, even if that knowledge puts you in grave danger. When his enemies threaten you, his promise to avenge your honor is the only thing that matters.


march mannessWhich one makes you swoon? Vote for hot pirate or Sicilian stud in the comments below. Your vote enters you in a raffle drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.


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