March Man-ness Bout #2: Vampire versus Angel

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Sexy Vampire – pimped by V.S. Nelson

DSC_7454 b&w (1)B

Grigoris Drakakis, a.k.a. Michael

Meet Michael; physician, peacemaker, lover of women, single… What more could a gal want? The fact that Michael is over five thousand years old hasn’t aged him a bit. Like fine wine, this vampire has aged gracefully. You should know that he might be mistaken as a heavenly creature since he goes out in daylight and he never EVER takes blood from the unsuspected. Until he meets his mate, Michael’s content to live on bagged blood from the blood bank. Is Michael the perfect paranormal package – you bet ya!
Divine Angel – pimped by Annette Francine
Image by Falconville

Image by Falconville

His skin is silk over warm steel as he enfolds you in the cocoon of his protection. He smells of ocean and stream, forest and meadow, sunshine and rain. And when you kiss, his mouth pours out his reverence and devotion. His lips taste of the sweetest love; a love so incredibly pure and tender, your heart trills even as your knees buckle. No human knows you like this: having witnessed every moment of your life, as well as that of billions over the eons. He understands you: your PMS mood swings, how you’re not a morning person, why your mother drives you crazy. With knowledge and wisdom gained across millennia, he knows exactly what to expect and how to soothe – as well as when to leave it alone. He knows your ugly side, all the flaws of your humanity. But he sees none of it. You are perfectly formed. Perfectly designed for God’s plan for you. You are so much more than the person you see in the mirror. And so he’s chosen you, to accompany and encourage you on your journey. Make no mistake, he’s been given free will, just as we have. He made his choice. His love is faithful and unfailing. Literally, until the end of time.
march manness.
Which one makes you swoon? Vote for sexy vampire or divine angel in the comments below. Your vote enters you in a raffle drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.


14 thoughts on “March Man-ness Bout #2: Vampire versus Angel

  1. Tough one! Hummmmmm
    I read more vamp than angel, but not sure if that’s because there is not that much angel stuff out there. So for now Vamp, but I would love me some angel. 😀


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