March Man-ness Semifinal #2

Oh, the man-flesh! Oh, the pectorals! So many pretty men… but only one can be crowned the hottest of the hotties.

Vote by leaving a comment (click the balloon at the above right) and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Voting is open until the next blog is posted (3/28/14 around 6 a.m. eastern).

Today we pit the last of the first-round winners: Warrior Stud and Gorgeous Sorcerer. Hunky, brute force versus sexy, metaphysical power… who will win your heart?

Warrior Stud – pimped by Camelia Miron Skiba

gan3I think of all the beds I’ve shared, women without a name or place where I shan’t return. Never more than a fleeting night spent in their arms, never as much as a wandering thought. They desired someone to warm their beds and who was I to deny their pleasures? Compared to my woman their memories wither as darkness yielding to a new day.



Gorgeous Sorcerer – pimped by Sandy Wright

Click on image for source at

Click on image for source at

If arrogance was a person, it would be Nicholas. Cool and aloof. Sexy and secretive. A pure Scorpio, he’s deadly serious in his work, and allows no fluff, no chatter, and no love. He has the chops to back up that self-assurance. He’s good. Not only does he know his way around the supernatural world—he may, in fact, be the only person who can save your life in it.

You will never, ever bring him home to meet Mom. You thought you’d never break through that emotional armor. But today, nothing feels more right than a little bit of wrong. You’ve finally breached Nicholas’ cold exterior and found a scorching and passionate fire, a fire aimed directly at you.  And you’ve found something else: a wound he’s been protecting throughout his twisty turny past that makes you desperate to find out what’s really going on in that head of his.

march mannessWhich one makes you swoon? Vote for warrior stud or gorgeous sorcerer in the comments below. Your vote enters you in a raffle drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.


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