Time Is Treasure

Annette AvatarBy Annette Francine

I find it difficult to resolve today’s date with my perception of how much time has passed since the start of the New Year. Do you find it as crazy as I do to discover us already in May?

It got me thinking about my much younger days… elementary school for instance. Didn’t summer break seem wonderfully long back then? By High School, summer felt so much shorter. And now weeks vanish in the seeming blink of my eye. How can it be?

I found the following explanation on Yahoo Answers. I’ll use it because, although several other articles I also found online shared the same concept and really intrigued me, this one was the most brief and concise. (My thanks to Wesley B for posting it.)

“…basically more unique experiences happen more often when you are young and that leads to more memories and brain pathways being actively formed, and that leads to a perception that time is moving slower. But as you age you have fewer unique experiences and so your brain doesn’t differentiate them and because you remember fewer unique events it seems as if time is passing faster. If you want time to pass slower, go experience new things as often as possible.”*

Isn’t that interesting? Now… if I only had enough time to do that!

Do you share my experience that women, regardless of age, rarely seem to have any free time, while men have so much more? Curiously, all the men I know (husband, brothers, brothers-in-law, friends, and husbands of friends) all seem to have the capacity to ignore whatever may be on the ‘to do’ list and engage in whatever suits them. In some ways I wish I could perfect and employ that mechanism. But when I try it, whatever is left undone nibbles at my mind, leaving me unable to fully enjoy whatever activity I’ve chosen.

What’s your experience? Do you succeed in making time/taking time for yourself?

*Quote source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090809112826AAMrnFd


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