Annette AvatarBy Annette Francine

Earlier this month, one of my fellow Muses posted a blog about her BFF. It got me thinking about my own friends, which led me to determine there isn’t anyone I value more than my three sisters. Subsequent to that, I saw a Facebook post, saying, “Back off. I have a sister, and I’m not afraid to use her.” This afternoon, while in a hardware store, of all places, I found (and purchased) a birthday card with: ”I’m so grateful to have a sister like you. How do people without sisters make it through life?” That’s truly how I feel. Growing up, that wasn’t the case, of course. Coming from a sizeable family, squeezed into too few rooms due to financial constraints, we behaved like rats in an experiment. And then, of course, siblings rarely get along during their youth. But now, they are each so very precious to me. While I know my brothers also really care about me, and would appear at my side in a heartbeat if I needed their help, there is definitely something different and special — and I dare say, almost magical — about a relationship with a sister. Is it the shared experiences perceived from the female perspective? Connectedness due to the narrowed gene pool? Harmonized mental processes due to similar brain structure and development?

Whatever the reason, never do I doubt they have my back, nor worry they might refuse to lend a hand or offer a shoulder. Quite the opposite in fact. Before I could ask, I’m confident they would offer whatever they felt I needed. They’ve proven it before. What a comfort to have someone to defend and fight on my behalf — with the tenacity of a Pit Bull.

Hehehe. Something just occurred to me: woe to my husband if he ever seriously screws up!


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