Writing is hard work…there I said it!

blog7by Maria Cox

When I begin to write a story, I too experience the same anxiety that a lot of writers feel. Will anyone read my stuff? Will anyone care about what I have to say? This is the fretful process of a writer; and yes, writers can be very insecure creatures at times.

Funny thing is that many a time non-writers think that writing is easy. Non-writers believe that writing is much like talking: Anyone can do it…right? Talking is just putting words together in the correct order, so how different can writing be? Very!

Take my pre-writing process for example, it can take me ten, fifteen, twenty minutes or more and it usually involves me ‘getting in to character’; I need to connect with the hero and heroine before I can delve into their lives. It is then when I’m emotionally vested that ideas begin to form I’m able to capture the thoughts and the scenes and the story begins to unfold.

For new writers, it is when they embark on their writing journey that they soon realize that in fact writing is hard work. See once a book is committed to paper the writer becomes very aware of the needs of the story and realizes the possibility that a change in direction, plot is needed. We see how a story would be best served in restructuring then scenes or even entire chapters will have to be redone. We will spend countless hours massaging and manipulating, working, then re-working and re-re-working until the book/story barely resembles its beginnings. Yes, it is a maddening process, but nothing compares to the excitement one experiences upon the completion of a story, an article, or a book. And I don’t think it matters whether you’re a seasoned or a novice author that feeling of finishing a book is exhilarating. This is the reason why I get up every day willing to do it all over again.

I’m a writer!


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