11 years and counting

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by Camelia Miron Skiba

Me to hubby: “Any plans for Saturday night?”

Hubby: “Well, you know I’d like to work in the garage but … why are you asking?”

Me: “Shanyn invited me for a girls night out . Do you mind if I go?”

Hubby: “Actually I do. You can’t go.”

I glance at my husband who drives down the freeway. “What? You serious?” I laugh, trying to decipher if he’s serious or jokes. In ten years since we married it’s the first time he says no when I want to go out. “You kidding me, right?”

“Nope. You can’t go,” he repeats.

Although I can’t see his eyes hidden behind the glasses there’s no smirk lifting the corner of his lips.  He is serious.

“Wait. Why? You never said no before. It’s not the first time I go out with the girls, I don’t overdo it, why the sudden change?” Some fights are worth fighting and I’m so ready to fight him for this one.  Why is that okay for him to spend all the time he wants in the garage and I can’t go out? I’m about to bite his head off.

He only glances at me which irritates me even more especially when I asked a bunch of questions and he can’t even give me a straight answer.

“Come on, say it,” I press. “You better have a good reason why I can’t go out.”

“Cami,” he says pushing his glasses down his nose. “What day is tomorrow?”


“And what date?”

It takes a a moment to think then I recite, “August second.” Oh, shoot. “Our anniversary!”

“Did you forget?” Chris says, exiting the freeway.

“No! I didn’t forget I just didn’t realize Saturday is August 2nd.” As crazy as it sounds I once forgot Chris’ birthday. Actually not his birthday, I know when that is but I didn’t remember what date it was that very day. What can I say? I’m not perfect.  

“Good, because I want to take you out. You pick where you wanna go and we go.”

We laugh and drive down the street into our neighborhood.

“Eleven years, hon, can you believe it?” I reach over to squeeze Chris’ hand.

“Eleven beautiful years,” Chris nods. 

“Well then. I won’t go out with my girls. I have a date.”


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About Camelia Miron Skiba

I WRITE. I LIVE. I LOVE. I DREAM. I WRITE. I’m Chris’ wife, Patrick’s mom and Bella’s owner. During the day, I’m the assistant to the Director in SESE at Arizona State University, and romance’s slave at night. My debut novel "HIDDEN HEART" came out in March 2011. Since then I published four more books and a short novella. I moved to the U.S in 2003, following my heart and the man who stole it. I love comedies, historical dramas and happily-ever-after stories. Each year I participate in one big event that requires me to train. My biggest sportive accomplishment was the 3-day 60 miles Susan Komen Walk. Annually I pick a color I decree my favorite (this year is salmon). I refused to text until 2010, always preferring to hear voices rather than sending emotionless messages. Politic bores me to death and I have no tolerance for arrogance.

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