By Annette Francine

During my research for Eyes of a Stranger, I became fascinated with all I learned about angels. For instance, according to the book of Genesis, all angels were created before the creation of the world. Biblical statements suggest that angels have fixed abodes or centers for their activities. However, due to the ministry and abilities given to them in the service of God, they have access to the entire universe and are described as serving in heaven and on earth (cf. Isa. 6:1f; Dan. 9:21; Rev. 7:2; 10:1).

Angels were created as a higher order of creatures in the universe than humans are. Therefore, innately they possess greater knowledge. Angels study the Bible more thoroughly than some humans do and gain knowledge from it (James 2:19; Rev. 12:12). Angels also gain knowledge through long observation of human activities. Unlike humans, angels do not have to study the past; they have experienced it. Therefore, they know how others have acted and reacted in situations and can predict with a greater degree of accuracy how we may act in similar circumstances. The experiences of longevity give them greater knowledge.

Scripture specifically speaks of their greater power over humans. Psalm 103:20 at least implies their greater strength. 2 Thessalonians 1:7 refers to the return of the Lord with His mighty angels in flaming fire. Many biblical verses imply that good angels are more powerful than evil ones.

While all the angels were originally created holy and without sin, there was a rebellion by Satan (Lucifer), who, being lifted up by his own beauty, sought to exalt himself above God. In his rebellion, he took with him one-third of the angels (Rev. 12:4). This rebellion and “fall” is probably described for us in Isaiah 14:12-15 and in Ezekiel 28:15 as embodied in the kings of Babylon and Tyre. Prophesying of a future angelic conflict that will occur in the middle of the Tribulation, the Apostle, John wrote, “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels waging war with the dragon. And the dragon and his angels waged war” (Rev. 12:7).

Since they are spirit beings, angels are rarely seen in the human world, unless God gives one the ability to see them or unless they manifest themselves (Num 22:31; 2 Kings 6:17). While occasionally pictured in other forms and in other manifestations as with wings (specifically Seraphim and Cherubim as in Exod. 25:20; Isa. 6:2), or as a combination of man, beast, and birds as described in Ezekiel 1:5, Isaiah 6:6, and Revelations 4:8, such manifestations only occurred by way of a vision or special revelation from God. As recorded in Scripture, when angels have been seen, they were manifested in a man-like appearance (Gen. 18:2, 16, 22; 19:1, 5, 10, 12, 15, 16; Judg. 13:6; Mark 16:5; Luke 24:4), or they appear in a way that either manifests God’s glory (Luke 2:9; 9:26) or in some form of brilliant apparel (cf. Matt. 28:3; John 20:12; Acts 1:10; Ezek. 1:13; Dan. 10:6). Consistently, they have appeared as real men, never as ghosts, or as winged animals (cf. Gen. 18:2; 19:1; Mark 16:3; Luke 24:4), although they have been described as ‘flying’ in some biblical passages.

Having seriously exceeded my requested word count for this post, I’ll leave all the remaining information for future posts, but hope you’ll check back. In the meantime, keep your eyes and senses peeled for unexpected encounters in this world. Peace out!



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