Creative Minds

creativeby Maria Cox

Since I was a child I’ve known that my creativity set me apart, it made me different. Today more than ever I’m fascinated by all types of creative people and by what makes us/them tick.

Think about this, without creative types the world might have never had its share of incredible talent, its rich literature, expressive music, dramatic art.

My curiosity over creative individuals has often led me to wonder, what really makes us all so unique? Recently, I conducted a research online and discovered a set of inherent traits creative types share.

Creative types:

1. Are easily bored

A short attention span for creative individuals isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it may just indicate that the creative person has mastered one concept and is ready to move on to the next.

2. Take risks

Creating original work takes dedication and lots of energy. Oftentimes, the fear of criticism and rejection prevent creative people from sharing their final product. Remember, in order to achieve greatness one must step out onto the ledge. Fearlessness is essential!

3. Don’t like rules

The creative person needs artistic freedom and is (shouldn’t be) afraid to challenge and defy the rules.

4. Make lots of mistakes.

An athlete doesn’t get to be star basketball player by attempting just a few shots, a composer doesn’t write a world-class symphony on the first try. The creative process is the same, lots of trial and error.

5. Motivate themselves

Creatives are self motivated individuals, we don’t wait around for the right opportunity to materialize, we just get to work.

Are you the creative type? What are your thoughts on the creative mind?



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