Ughhh, I hate writing!

Uninspired female student attempting to write an essayby Maria Cox

In a perfect world all writers would get eight hours of restful sleep, would never suffer writer’s block, and would never be in a lousy mood. Likewise, no writer would ever be awakened at night by a sick child or a pet, or ever have a fight with a spouse.

I don’t think too many of us live in that perfect world, I certainly don’t… Two nights ago I slept funny and my back is hurting me, these past few months I’ve missed the gym more times than I care to admit, and, the despite my flu shot, I’m coming down with ‘something’. In short, I’m grumpy.

So, how do you motivate yourself to write when you really don’t feel like it? Me? I trick myself. Let me explain:

–I treat writing seriously.

Now that my children are adults, my weekends are pretty much mine to do as I please, so what do I do? Saturdays and Sundays I get up early, shower, put on presentable clothes, and I sit at my computer and write, or edit, or brainstorm, or research, something. I don’t allow the thought of it being a weekend to prevent me from writing. When I act and dress the part of a person who has important things to do it helps to get me in a disciplined state of mind.

–I think of rewards

I cannot sit at a computer and write for long periods of time. So, I set up writing spurts which helps to not only boost word count, but also helps with motivation.

For me, 10-15 minutes of fast writing is a fair measure. And, once I’ve reached the 10-15 minute mark, I reward myself, I get up, stretch, refill my coffee cup, goof off on the Internet for a few minutes, check email. Then, I begin another 10-15 minute writing spurt; rinse, repeat.

Whatever you do be sure to choose the reward that works best for you and your lifestyle this will keep you motivated throughout the writing process.


At the end of a timed writing session, ask yourself: Did you say on topic?  Did you achieve your targeted word count? Depending on your energy level, can you write some more?

Wanna know my deepest motivation? I want to make a living as a writer. So you see, I have a vision and a ten-year plan. If my dream of being a fiction writer in a ten-year span is to ever to materialize, I have to work and work hard, harder than the average writer out there.

Are you a writer? Do you have your own unique motivators? Please share!


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