More Fun, Unique Holiday Gifts

by Mimi Sebastian

So borrowing on Shanyn’s last post (hope you don’t mind, but I loved the items you shared and thought to add my own), here are some interesting gift items from my fan girl heart.

ThinkGeek is one of my favorite places to find unique and fun and slightly wacky things. Like these zombie ornaments. Just tickles my little Grinch heart.1f1c_thinkgeek_zombie_ornament_set They also have Transformers and Game of Thrones ornaments!

The book pillow holiday classics are both reading material and head rest for when the book puts you to sleep.


And let’s not forget our friends who celebrate Chanukah, we have the critical hits Driedel.





This star mug from Firebox is pretty darn coolp6763_column_grid_12. It actually shifts between stars and the constellations. But, if I had my druthers, I’d go for the Ninja mug 🙂 below.


Have a wonder holiday season with family and friends!


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