Mini Resolutions





by Maria Cox

This year, I’m gonna finish my fourth novel. This year, I’m going to lose weight. Sounds great, right? The problem is that those are the very same resolutions I made last year.

The main issue with making New Year’s Resolutions is that, often, we make them with a whole year in mind. Twelve months, loads of time to accomplish all those things we want to get done by December 31st. Thinking of the 365 days ahead makes it all too easy to say, “I’ll do that tomorrow.”

So this year, instead of the typical New Year’s Resolution, I’ve opted for “mini resolutions.” This year I’m looking at monthly resolutions: This month, I resolve to lose three pounds. This month, I will take specific steps, however small: Changing something I eat, going to the gym, running or walking. At the end of the one month, I can evaluate the success (or failure). Did I lose three pounds?  Did I lose one pound? Did I lose any weight? If the answer is no, then maybe I need to make further changes to my diet and exercise routine. Each “evaluation” gives me information that’ll help me plan my goal/s for the next few weeks.

The same applies to writing goals. This month, my mini goal is to edit at least one chapter of my fourth novel.

The best part about mini resolutions is that every time you achieve one, you feel successful. You don’t have to wait six or nine months to determine whether you’ve achieved your goals. Instead, you get to pat yourself on the back for every chapter you write or every pound you lose. Every milestone makes you feel confident that you can do it again; if you lost three pounds last month, chances are you can do it again — and again.

DSC00002Maria Cox has a degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Computer Applications. She also has an accreditation from the Project Management Institute.

Maria has been writing stories since she was a young girl. She picked up her first romance novel when she was just eleven years old and has loved the genre ever since.

Maria is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and a member of RWA-NYC & RWA Desert Rose. She is also is the past President of the Phoenix Writers Club. She currently lives in Queens, New York.

Be sure to connect with him/her at her author site or Facebook or Twitter. Maria’s books can be found in digital and/or paperback formats on/at Amazon.


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