Please, Say It Isn’t So

Annette AvatarBy Annette Francine

Let me start by saying I am fully aware I won’t and couldn’t be mistaken for a thirty-something year old woman. But, evidently, I suffer from a type of dysmorphia, because I never anticipated something like this.

Five nights ago, I’m visiting my father-in-law (FIL) in the hospital along with my mother-in-law (MIL) and my husband. The RN (a male) walks in and introduces himself, asking who all of us are. My husband replies, “Dad, mom, son, and daughter-in law.” RN points to FIL. “Okay. So, you’re the father.” Points to my husband, ‘And you’re the son.” Completely skips over MIL who is standing directly beside him, and says to me, “And you’re the wife.”

WHAT????!!!!!!!!! You think I look old enough to be the wife of man 27 years my senior?

Okay, you say, that is hilarious. You kindly attempt to bolster my esteem by suggesting the room was dimly lit, as hospital rooms sometimes are. Or since I was the female directly in the RN’s line of sight, he unconsciously dismissed MIL’s presence. Perhaps he spoke before taking full inventory of everyone’s appearance?

Yeah. I used all those excuses to explain it away. But last night, my husband and I deliver FIL’s personal goods to the nursing facility to which he’s being transferred. We are shown to his assigned room and wait there until FIL is brought over by medical transport. A male attendant follows him in, settling FIL into his bed, taking vitals, etc. While doing so, attendant chats with FIL, providing information about the facility. FIL remarks he is already familiar with the facility, as he spent several weeks there this past summer. He further mentions that his wife also spent some time at the facility last summer. Attendant asks wife’s name. FIL replies, “Trish”. Attendant turns to me and asks, “And, you’re Trish?”

My ego and vanity have suffered a sudden and excruciating death.

Annette Francine is the author of romantic suspense…with a Christian twist. Be sure to connect with her at, Twitter and Facebook. Annette’s books can be found in digital and/or paperback formats on/at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and


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