I Like My Villains Smart, Sexy and Devious by Catherine Stine

The Desert Muses is thrilled to announce our February guest blogger. Please help me welcome award winning YA novelist Catherine Stine.

Hello and thank you to the Desert Muses for having me on your blog.

I like handsome, hot villains. And I tend to like them better than the good guys. They need to be every bit as shrewd as the heroes, because if they’re not, it’s too easy a struggle to overcome them. We want the battles between protagonist and antagonist to be hard won and brimming with breathtaking plot twists.

Why sexy? The real question should be, why not? All the more intrigue and eye-candy to capture your imagination! The hero shouldn’t hog all the good looks and muscles. Besides you never know when a bad guy might turn into a flawed yet alluring anti-hero and actually win over the fair lady’s heart. Sexy rogues abound: the Joker from Dark Knight, Khan in Star Trek into Darkness and Alex De Large in a Clockwork Orange.

From the early days of ‘badassery’, both fictitious and real villains like Dracula and Blackbeard were outsmarting god-fearing folks, and doing it with magnetism and edgy swag. Here’s a telling quote about piracy from the Smithsonian:

“Of all the pirates who trolled the seas, Blackbeard is the most famous … He and his contemporaries in the 18th-century had nobody’s permission to do what they were doing; they were outlaws. But unlike the aristocrats who controlled the colonial empires, many ordinary people saw Blackbeard and his pirates as heroes… fighting a rear-guard action against a corrupt, unaccountable and increasingly tyrannical ruling class.”

Part of the allure is the vigilante or outlaw aspect—the baddie gets to do all immoral things and get away with it, at least for a while. Often the villain truly thinks he’s doing a service—like Dexter, ridding the world of even worse killers. Another part of the allure is a villain’s pure audacity, and face it, his fabulous capes, scabbards, leather boots and gold earrings!

Dor with TKH award seal (2)In my YA paranormal/horror, DORIANNA, the villain is Wilson, a tall, raven-haired stranger who claims to be none other than a Prince of Darkness. He’s also a videographer who, in minutes, edits a compilation of Dorianna so supernaturally beautiful it has her gasping. He paints his nails black, wears Victorian style shirts and skinny jeans. The possible tip-off to his degenerate side is his spooky glass doll face necklace. A snippet:

WILSON profileSMALL“You could say you’re my muse,” he admits. In his gaze, I know I could have him right now, as easily as he’s captured me on video. I could rip off his shirt and run my hands through his forest of hair. Plant a firm kiss on his lips and force them open. His tongue would taste of smoke, of musk, of infinite need. For that second, I see past his charming façade into the hunger, lodged in his soul. A lonely, desperate soul that seems to have lived for centuries, yet not quite at all—stuck in some netherworld where a virus might exist. It takes real effort to pull away. But I have to. This is dangerous, this audacious forgetting. 

Who’s your favorite baddie and why?

Kitsy BEST! Small pixCatherine Stine’s novels range from fantasy to contemporary. Her companion sci-fi novels Fireseed One and Ruby’s Fire are indie award winners, and Dorianna won Best Horror Book in the Kindle Hub Awards. Catherine also writes new adult fiction as Kitsy Clare. Be sure to connect with her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. Catherine Stine’s books can be found in [digital and/or paperback] formats on Amazon, B&N or at Books by Kitsy Clare.


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