My Favorite Read of 2014

Jenn Windrow

Now that 2014 is a few moths behind me, I went through the 60 books I read last year and weighed and measured. Which was my favorite? Did I have one? Could I choose? It was a tough decision, but ultimately it came down to one…well, to one series. Because how could anyone pick just one fantastic book.

I know I cheated.

But in the end I had to choose the book that I was excited to recommend to others. A book that had me salivating for the next in the series. A book that made me sad to close the cover and say good-bye to the characters. A book that made me put my kids to bed early and rush to my room to read.

That book/series for me was…

11300302Alice In Zombieland by Gena Showater.

I fell in love with the cover and had heard some good rumblings about the series, not being a big fan of YA, too much teenage angst, or maybe it just reminds me how much I hated high school, I thought why the heck not. OMG! Her characters, her writing, the story, so different than what I expected.

I devoured the first book, tore through the second book, and then had to wait five agonizing months for the third. I bought that third book the day it came out and finished it in two days. The ending was satisfying, unexpected, and really well done. For once I had found a series that made me smile, cry, and left me totally satisfied when I closed the cover.

If you’re looking for a good series I highly recommend picking up a copy of Alice In Zombieland.


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