Writing Through the Fog

SONY DSCby Maria Cox

Recently, I attended an online class called Writing Through Life’s Curveballs. The class was advertised via RWA Notes. Up until recently, I had dealt with several curveballs of my own, and the course description genuinely piqued my interest.

A multi published author who had dealt with several crises of her own facilitated the class. Consequently, the stories shared during the one-week course were moving and inspiring. The adversity some of the writers faced got me really thinking about my own challenges.

No matter our age, cultural background, or social status, we all have those times when life screams at us, “I don’t care if you have a deadline, a family, a career. Here comes a curveball!”

Now, without going into too much detail, I’ll say that I’ve worked through two major life-altering events in the past six months. Through it all, however, I kept my obligations: Cared for my loved ones, got dinner on the table, kept the house clean, and met deadlines.  I kept the well-oiled machine running. Yet, where I needed inspiration and confidence–well, that’s where things suffered. So much in my life was turbulent and my situation was affecting my writing.  The anti-muse made an unscheduled visit determined to wreak havoc on my writing life.

Logically, now it’s the point in the story where I reveal how I rid myself of that annoying anti-muse for good.  Unfortunately, I don’t have such insightful advice since dealing with a constant anti-muse isn’t easy. What I can tell you is that it wasn’t until I began addressing my underlying issues that I was able to put the pieces of my life back together. Little by little I started to write. I wrote about my current situation and kept it in a journal. All the notes were a way for me to keep my head in the game at a time when Life’s Curveball was in charge.

We all have to get stuff done, day job responsibilities, family commitments, writing deadlines, but sometimes life forces you to turn away.  When this happens all we can do is to take a step back and reassess our current situation. For me, I’ve learned to separate tasks and deal with the “must dos” and then deal with everything else.

The trick to keeping your sanity is to work through your issues one day at a time. And, try not to get too discouraged.  If you make small strides every day you’ll soon be on the road to recapturing yourself. And remember, when there’s enough room in your life the door to creativity will open again.


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