You’re Invited to Celebrate the Release of Song of the Ancients


By Sandy Wright

I have the exciting, but scary task of planning launch parties—virtual and real-time—for my newly-released first novel, Song of the Ancients.

A launch party happens when the book is available for purchase, and you want to introduce it with a splash.

The real-time one is actually the easiest. Provide copies to the three pagan bookstores in my city, and schedule a time for the book signing and a short reading. I’m nervous, but the readers who come to these event are so nice, they will make me feel at ease.

The virtual launch party? That’s a different animal. I didn’t even know where to begin, until I attended a presentation on the topic at the Arizona Dreamin’ readers’ convention last month. Wow! So much to do!  Decide on a theme, compile a list of invitees, send out the announcement, come up with giveaway prizes, games, and trivia related to the book.

But who doesn’t love a party, right? Especially one where you can win gifts and free books? So…

You are the first readers invited to the Song of the Ancients Virtual Launch Party! Join me on Facebook on Sunday, August 16, and dabble in Ancient Magic including mini tarot reads, chakra and aura exercises, games and trivia. Win an essential oil blend or soap, or a witchy bookmark, wine charm, or necklace. Maybe even a love spell kit or a personal tarot reading!


Or a frame-quality print of Samantha and Shadow Moon!

Of course, I’ll also be giving away Kindle books and an autographed print book.

Be sure to friend me on Facebook to get your invitation. Or, you can leave a comment here to be included.

August 16: Save the date. I can’t wait to see you!



Sandy Wright resides in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, her college student son, a rescued Australian Shepherd named Teak, and two twenty-pound domesticated black panther cats. She fell in love with the southwest desert, including its Native American influences, when she relocated from the Midwest.

Song of the Ancients, the first novel in the Ancient Magic paranormal suspense series, introduces readers to witchcraft and shamanism, seen through the eyes of an ordinary woman.

Readers interested in witchcraft—or just a dark, spooky tale—will enjoy this paranormal suspense, written by a real-life Wiccan High Priestess.

Winner of the PNWA (fantasy), On the Far Side (paranormal) and Orange Rose (paranormal romance) contests, Song of the Ancients was published in May 2015.

Look for information in the series book two, Fire of the Ancients, in 2016.

Visit Sandy at For additional articles and short stories, see and


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