Biking with Bats!

The Desert Muses are thrilled to announce our August guest blogger. Please help me welcome USA Today best selling author, Sydney Holmes.

Zion1Stepping off the shuttle with my two boys in total darkness, my stomach clinches. Our plan was to take the shuttle to the top of Zion Canyon and bike the nine miles down in the evening light. Evening light, light being the operative word. It is now dark as in no light, no twilight, nothing but darkness.

“Watch out for deer on the road,” our driver says to us as we unload our bikes from the shuttle’s rack. We are the only passengers. “Last year a woman came up here and thought it would be fun to bike down in the dark, without a headlight, and hit a deer. Both ended up hurt pretty bad.”

“Yeah, ohh-kay,” my husband says as I adjust the boys’ headlamps.

ZionWhat the heck have we gotten ourselves into? I ask myself as I send my children off ahead of me. Leading the way is our fearless 15-year-old with the brightest head lamp clamped on his helmet. Our 12 year-old takes the middle spot and my husband and I share our tandem bike as we begin our descend to darkness. We only have three headlamps and I’m given the third as it’s the only one with a “red tail light.”

The views, they said, would be amazing in falling light, but I can’t really say. I’m unable to see anything but the reflective seats of the two bikes ahead of me. And that is what I do the entire trip, shine my light hoping to illuminate the way.  Soon bats come out and fly with us. The deer stay on the side of the road, thankfully. We see glowing eyes as we whiz by. There is no one else around and we get to experience this part of the canyon alone. We are having the ride of our lives!

bookcoverWriting a novel is a lot like launching yourself down a dark abyss. You never know what ‘animals’ or pitfalls you might run into along the way. Take my latest release, The Things You Do to Me, I had a plan, an outline, and idea of where I was going, but all too soon I was writing in the abyss hoping the bats would come out and play.

And did they ever!

AJ Knight, uber-sexy owner of Knight Construction and Development, was hotter then I ever expected and Kiera Rockwell, luxury real estate agent, was feisty and independent. Sparks fly when she hires him to remodel her new business venture, flipping spec houses (look for the prequel to the Knight Skies series, The Things You Do to Me, a Christmas Novella out later this year).

At some point in every novel I’ve ever written, I have come to the point where I feel like I’ve just stepped off that shuttle bus in total darkness. But now, having experienced it in the wild, I know that I can launch any book down a dark canyon armed with nothing but a headlamp.


FB-Profile-Picture (2)USA Today best selling author, Sydney Holmes, writes spicy contemporary romance and hot romantic suspense, or as she likes to say, “Hot and spicy romance that keeps you up at night!” She has written six novels and one, soon to be published, novella.

Sydney holds a Master’s Degree in Education, and passionately believes the world is her classroom. She lives near the ocean in California and travels as often as she can.


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