Does Your Inner Critic Have Your Back?

The Desert Muses are thrilled to announce our September guest blogger. Please help me welcome voiceover actor, Allison McFadden.


You’ve probably heard of The Inner Critic, The Skeptic and The Doubter, but there are more inner voices in the ego and at least two schools of thought in how to address them. You can choose to either treat your inner voices “as an enemy to be ignored, dismissed, fought against, or overcome” or treat them “as an ally to be befriended and transformed.”

I now agree with the latter because I went through the Tim Kelley Discover Your True Purpose and Transformational Writing programs this year, through my friend and life coach Cassandra Washington along with writing coach MJ Schwader. Both programs taught me to identify each ego part created from an early childhood wound, and how each instance developed to protect me from ever being wounded that way again. Using the stream of consciousness writing technique, active imagination journaling and guided meditation, I was able to uncover approximately fourteen inner voices/ego parts, plus a “shadow” part that was ingrained deep into my subconscious, holding a “sneaky belief” or self-limiting belief. It was this belief that drove my life, held me back, and wreaked havoc on my self-esteem, self-realization and self-actualization. Additionally, this belief caused problems in my personal relationships.

This unconscious Sneaky Belief was discovered during an event where I healed and unchained myself from my self-limiting belief (Emerge: Real Stories of Courage and Truth). Consequently, on release day, my book achieved #1 on Hot New Releases in Self-Esteem. On the day of release my co-authors and I donated 100% of proceeds  to the Unstoppable Foundation; to date we continue to donate a portion of sales to this cause.

So now, whenever I feel negative emotions emerge, I turn to these emotions and ask what concerns them. Practice brings awareness, and I’ve become really good at relationship building…we have a discussion, they support me, and I thank whichever ego part spoke up for help and protection.


Am I crazy? Crazy like a fox I say! I’ve awakened to my true self, no longer split off, suppressed or driven by subconscious dysfunctions like passive aggressiveness. I speak from my authentic voice. I’m able to forgo perfectionism and be vulnerable, take risks, learn from mistakes and live to my full potential.

Do your inner voices help or hinder you? Since they came about to protect you, ask for a different type of assistance from them now; you’re no longer a helpless child.

Here’s an experiment. The next time you feel a negative emotion about anything or anyone, stop and turn to your inner self and ask, “who’s talking and what concerns do you have?”   What pops into your head? Journal the back and forth talk or use the stream of conscious technique, which also helps remove blocks in creative writing. And don’t forget to thank them. Like anyone who has your back, your inner voices/ego need to be appreciated for their loving protection.


amcfaddenAllison McFadden lives in Dallas, Texas and is a developing human, wife, voiceover actor, and appreciator of self-expression and transformation. Allison is on a journey to live her life purpose of helping others to discover alternative life enhancement.

If you’d like to learn more about Allison, please visit her site, or follow her on Twitter or LinkedIn. Her book is available on Amazon.


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