Reading Makes Perfect

Young naked Man and woman in love are kissingby Maria Cox

A good reader makes a good writer. Writers have heard this time and time again.

Experts in every field know perfecting a craft takes great practice; weeks, months, years even. It stands to reason then that to become a great writer we need to invest in that craft and for the serious writer this means dedicating time to reading and writing every day. As writers need to immerse ourselves in the writings of other authors and not only material in the genre in which you write, but across multiple genres.

I’d like to share my three top favorite authors and point out the ways in which each has helped me define my own writing.

Sandra Brown

Ms. Brown blends suspense with an element of contemporary romance. I enjoy Ms. Brown’s ability to skillfully incorporate the romantic element in her stories. I also like reading her books because the stories are well-plotted and they offer just the right amount of tension.

Rachel Gibson

Ms. Gibson writes contemporary romance weaving stories that are sexy, provocative, and emotionally satisfying. The heroes in Ms. Gibson’s books are not all ‘sensitive-guy meets Viking-god meets white-in-shining-armor’, the men are real; I find this refreshing.

Iris Johansen

Ms. Johansen is a master at creating sizzling sexual tension with elements of mystery. I enjoy reading her books because the stories are suspenseful and the level of tension is outstanding. The characters flirt, flight, argue; all foreplay, of course, until the moment they surrender to their physical urges. Awesome!

What do you enjoy reading?


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