Fill-Your-eReader Sale!

Are you one of the lucky ones on Santa’s Good List who got a new e-reader? Is there a brand-spanking new Amazon gift card burning a hole in your pocket? Are you fed up with holiday stress and need some quality you-time with a great new read?


Several Muses are offering discounts on their books this week. Please click on the links below to discover great values on fabulous books. But hurry, these deals won’t last beyond the end of the year…


BrimstoneParanormal Suspense/Romance Amanda Ryder never asked for her special gifts—she’d been born with the ability to sense things no one else could. Only her pious family never believed her innocence. Accused of witchcraft, she’s thrown out of the house on her eighteenth birthday when an exorcism goes horribly wrong. Now her virginity just became a matter of life and death. Now 99 cents on Amazon!

footmen_frontcover_LFThe Footmen – Futuristic Romance One powerful woman. Five talented lovers. Can she keep her head… and her harem? When Senator Yria Kolossa’s family is threatened, her male harem insists she hire a bodyguard. But burly, brutish Semper, their new Head of Security, doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of Yria’s refined, courtly footmen. Now 99 cents on Amazon!

ingenue front cover 2Ingenue: a feminist BDSM adventure – Contemporary Romance Jilted by her fiancé, Paige Forsythe plans to lick her wounds in seclusion, looking forward to reuniting with her favorite yet ailing aunt. But the handsome, sweet guy next door has some surprising plans for Paige.  Can Paige find the strength within to break free of her repressive life and embrace a whole new world of excitement and love? Now 99 cents on Amazon!

Cover for Night HushNight Hush – Military Romantic Suspense In this gripping and action-packed debut, an Army Intelligence officer and a Delta Force soldier must race against the clock to stop a catastrophic terrorist attack… Now 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Old Enough To Know Better – Contemporary Romance Spoiled, talented, and lonely actor Jamie Swain sets his sights on Mel Morganstern, author of a fanfiction tale starring his famous character. Only she’s married and rejects him in favor of her vows. But when tragedy strikes and Jamie offers to help Mel pick up the pieces of her life, how will she balance between what propriety dictates and what her heart tells her is right? Now 99 cents on Amazon!

Portents_frontcoverPortents – Paranormal Suspense/Romance Amanda Ryder is determined never to fail her coven again. Next time, she won’t hesitate to pull the trigger to defend her friends. If only they’d trust her enough to let her set foot outside the Academy… Now 99 cents on Amazon!

MimiSebastian_TheSargassosMistress_800pxSargasso’s Mistress – Historical Romance To escape her murderous reputation, Olive Jessop takes refuge on the notorious pirate ship, the Sargasso’s Mistress. Reveling in her newly found freedom, she concocts a scandalous plan to bury the specter of her late husband for good-propose to the captain they become lovers. She never expected such a rogue to refuse. Now 99 cents on Amazon!


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