March Man-ness Returns March 7!

march manness button 2016

It is March in America, when many a man’s fancy turns to… basketball. Sigh.

For some of us, the approach of NCAA Basketball Tournament (also known as March Madness) leaves a bit to be desired, especially if one’s alma mater is not represented amongst the 64 teams, or after your favorite team is eliminated (and let’s face it, most of us will be in that position eventually). Maybe you never quite saw the point in obsessing over brackets… until now!

<Drumroll> Here’s a little something different, be we sports widows, rabid fans, or just everyday appreciators of man candy: March Man-ness, Tournament of Romance Hotties.

Throughout the month of March, the Desert Muses will post match-ups of romance genre hunks. You cast your vote in the comment section for which stud sends you swooning. The winning hero moves on in the tournament, and your comment/vote enters you in a raffle drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the tournament (April 1). You can vote once per round, with 7 total entries possible per person.

The first battle of the hotties will post here on Monday, March 7. And to the winner goes the spoils!

(trumpet fanfare plays)



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