March Man-ness 2016 Bout #2: Rugged Mountain Guide vs. Sexy Spy

march manness button 2016

Voting is now closed for Bout #1—thanks to all of you who participated. The winning hottie will be announced March 21 when the semifinal round begins.

Now, bring on the next hunks: Rugged Mountain Guide vs. Sexy Spy! Which of these studs will battle the winner of the first bout? Fair warning: you might need to fan yourself…

Rugged Mountain Guide – by Anne A. Wilson

March Manness 2016 rock climber photo

Climber: Ben Rueck Photo used with permission by Tyler Stableford

This capable climber only has eyes for you. Oh, to be in such competent hands! Nothing artificial here. Just all-natural, sculpted goodness. But wait! What’s this? An unforecasted winter blizzard that forces you to bivouac in a remote mountain cave? Not to worry! He’ll build you a tough little fire, roll out the sleeping bag—oh, that’s right, he only has one!—and since body warmth is key in a survival situation, he’ll do what he must to ensure your safety. He knows that skin-on-skin contact is the fastest way to re-warm a victim of hypothermia, so he takes no chances. He slides in next to you, his chest pressed firmly against your back, his breath hot against your neck, and curls his body protectively around yours. Then, those well-muscled arms, striated, toned, and taut, slip around your chest, and he pulls you into a secure embrace. He is power and warmth and strength, and his steady heartbeat reverberates through every cell in your body. Yes, this man is a professional, and he’ll sacrifice anything—his clothes, definitely, and if you’re lucky, perhaps even his virtue—to ensure the job is done right.

Sexy Spy – by Leslie Jones

Whether your dream man is 007 or a cold war spy, this undercover operative needs quick wits, courage, and, above all, bulging biceps as he seduces sexy double agents and sensuous allies. Feast your eyes as he eavesdrops on an evildoer’s plan or invites a criminal mastermind to a sumptuous banquet. Whether chasing down a mole or strolling through an embassy ballroom in a dashing tuxedo, this seductive spy is a bloodhound who always gets his man…or woman. This spy satisfies your sweet tooth and your adventurous spirit in one yummy, chocolate-covered package.



Which guy makes you swoon? Vote once by leaving a comment (click the balloon at the above right) and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Voting is open until the next blog is posted (3/14/16 around 6 a.m. eastern).


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