March Man-ness 2016 Bout #3: Hunky Sheriff vs. Studly Businessman

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Voting is now closed for Bout #2—thanks to all of you who participated. The winning hunk will be announced March 21 when the semifinal round begins.

Ready for another helping of steamy seducers? We got your piping hot hotties right here! Next up: a Hunky Sheriff takes on a Studly Businessman. Read on if you can stand the heat…

Hunky Sheriff – by Sandy Wright

Deputy Sheriff Cooper (‘Coop’) Jones-He’s new to Cochise County, Arizona, and looking to meet some new friends. Coop moves to Arizona after his wife is murdered in a Miami home invasion. He has no interest in romance. Until he meets my heroine, Rumor Vargas.

Rumor’s feisty enough to convince Coop to give love another try. Problem is, Rumor’s brother is the prime suspect in Coop’s current murder investigation.
Studly Businessman – by Maria Cox

Model: William Levy (click on image for source website)

Corporate America can be a cold inhospitable place but for William the business world is his second home. A born leader William is sharp and self-assured. He thrives on challenges. He’s the type of man who knows what he wants and how to get it.

From the boardroom to the bedroom when William enters a room he commands attention, reverence. His tall, broad shouldered stature is appealing, imposing and there’s an air of understated confidence about him. His caramel eyes are hypnotic and as they settle on the object of his affection the unspoken message is heady and the spine-tingling, panty-dropping, chest-heaving seduction begins. William the consummate lover reads his partner’s body language detecting what she needs and when she needs it. And when they make love, he’s there in the moment in the present loving her, worshipping her, transporting her to heights of unimaginable pleasure.

Now ladies, can I get an Amen for William? Vote now!

Which guy makes you swoon? Vote once by leaving a comment (click the balloon at the above right) and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. Voting is open until the next blog is posted (3/17/16 around 6 a.m. eastern).



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