March Man-ness 2016, The Final Battle: Manly Marine vs ?

march manness button 2016What a battle! Here in the final hours, we’re drunk on all those six-pack abs, woozy from so many come-hither stares emanating from sultry bedroom eyes, buzzing with the addictive, seductive power of alpha… and beta… males!

And now it’s down to the final two gladiators in this tournament of man-flesh.

In a close contest, Manly Marine edged out Rugged Mountain Guide. He goes up against Dreamy Dork, who won in a landslide (wink wink). Which one of these undefeated fellas is the ultimate Romance Hottie for 2016? You decide!

Manly Marine – by Camelia Miron Skiba

For the March Man-ness Contest I chose my newest hero, ex Marine Jacob Nicholson. My inspiration for Jacob was war veteran Noah Galloway from DWTS last year’s season. I happened to browse through TV channels when Noah danced to I am Titanium and the emotions overwhelmed me in ways I can’t describe. I had to google him and his story stuck with me long after seeing him dancing. I knew one day he’ll be one of my heroes.

Except for their looks Jacob and Noah are similar in many ways: he too is an injured war veteran and his road to recovery was a roadblock after another, all the way to the path of self-destruction. Somewhere in his darkest moments Jacob finds within himself the need and strength to keep going. Little does he know that his past will soon collide with his present when Harper, the girl he stood on prom night reenters his life. She’s reluctant to give him another chance, but he’s determined to fight for the only girl he’s ever wanted to take home.

Dreamy Dork – by Shanyn Hosier

It’s more than just the tousled hair, the goofy appearance, the glasses obscuring those soft, bedroom eyes. He’s quiet. Shy. Awkward. Dammit, he’s adorkable! Maybe it’s comic books, or computers, or rocket science—whatever his favorite subject, this hottie is passionate about what others can’t or won’t make the effort to understand. Just imagine the potential when he turns that megawatt intellect onto discovering what makes you tick… and sigh… and moan…


You know how this works by now. Vote for the hottest of the hotties in the comments below. Your vote qualifies as an entry into the raffle for a $10 Amazon gift card. Winner will be announced here on the next blog post, April 1 (no foolin’). Voting is open until the next blog is posted (4/1/16 around 6 a.m. eastern).


16 thoughts on “March Man-ness 2016, The Final Battle: Manly Marine vs ?

  1. I do love a Marine, but I find the geek a completely different kind of sexy. A sexy I can relate to, and a sexy we can connect over (ahem… connect). My vote is for the Dreamy Dork.

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