Golden Quill names Hover Best First Book

by Sandy Wright

Hover - coverAmazon Blurb: Helicopter pilot Sara Denning joins a US Navy battle group with little fanfare, and that’s just the way she likes it. Her philosophy is simple–blend in, be competent, and above all, never do anything to stand out as a woman. But somewhere along the way, she lost herself–her feminine, easy-going soul now buried under so many defensive layers she can’t reach it anymore. When she meets the strong, self-assured Lieutenant Eric Marxen, those defenses start to falter. He coordinates flight operations for SEAL Team One and they begin to request Sara exclusively as the pilot for their training exercises. The end mission is so secret, even she doesn’t know the reason behind her mandated participation. For the thousandth time in her career, she wonders if she’ll have what it takes to get the job done, but for the very first time, she questions if her heart will get in the way.

Sandy’s Comments:  Anne’s debut novel is this year’s Best First Book category winner, and it pulled me in from the first page. the opening scene simulation of escaping a helicopter underwater was so real my lungs were burning. Wilson, a Naval Academy grad and helicopter pilot, is writing what she knows.

She takes readers inside the ships and helicopters to experience what it’s like while embarked on a mission. The Tom Clancy elements of military technology and training will appeal to techno thriller fans.

But Wilson also gives us insight on how a woman survives in a male-dominated world, without making her character bigger than life and unrelatable. Sara Denning is a complicated bundle of contradictions and fears, and this makes her an interesting character study. The emotional side of the plot contrasts with the no-nonsense life on board ship. Sara is falling in love, and that love comes with intense complications. So yes, this is also a romance. Romance for the thinking woman.

Sandy Wright’s first novel, Song of the Ancients, was published in May 2015 and is available in both print and ebook. Readers interested in witchcraft–or simply a dark, eerie tale–will enjoy this paranormal suspense, the first in the Ancient Witchcraft series.










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