When Writing Causes Anxiety

by Maria Cox

WritingAnxietyIn my teens when my love for writing became evident I wrote compulsively. I carried a notebook everywhere and I wrote about anything and everything. I was content sitting on a park bench observing people as they walked their dogs, pushed baby carts and hauled groceries. Later, I’d conjure make-believe stories about their lives.

I think back to those days with fondness because I had no idea then that the days of writing with reckless abandon were numbered. I didn’t know that writing a book would be one of the hardest things I’d ever to do in my life!

Today the thought of writing or editing a book causes anxiety. Perhaps it’s the exhausting writing and editing process that’s frightening. Take my novelette Captive –which I wrote four years ago—to date, I’ve revised the manuscript entirely (twice, in fact), but the book is still not ready for re-release.

As terrifying as editing can be I have to admit that it is also an exhilarating endeavor. How fascinating that you can change the course of a character’s fate with just a few keystrokes?

As I embark on my journey to edit Captive once again, I have to keep in mind that the only way to get through this awkward phase is to do the very thing I fear: write and edit. I need to delve into the manuscript and edit and revise and polish until the book is as clean as can be.

Wish me luck!




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