Party Yourself Awake!

by Anita Cox, guest blogger

What? Did you read that title correctly? Surely the author is mistaken. I assure you, I’m not mistaken. I’m a coffee addict of the worst kind. I cannot survive without my morning French Roast, and most afternoons, you’ll find me sipping on iced cappuccino. It’s my go-go juice.

While I’m pushing 40, and keep a work schedule that most would find masochistic, I was beginning to find myself lagging during adult gatherings. I’d have a few cocktails and would be ready to hit the sack. Then I stumbled upon this gem—the Espresso Martini!


I’m so in love with this drink, you’ll find it throughout my Dirty White Candy series (Book 1 will be free June 26th-30th My character even teaches a bartender how to make it.

I love the Espresso Martini so much, I’ve shared the recipe with others on numerous occasions, put it in my books, and now, I’m giving it to the Desert Muses’ audience.

Espresso Martini

drink pic2 shots cooled espresso (don’t use the instant powder, it really damages the final product.)

1 shot Kahlua

1 shot Baileys

1 shot Vanilla Vodka

Shake over ice. Pour into chilled martini glass. Float a few espresso beans, (the oil from the beans will float on top and add an extra layer of flavor.)

WARNING!!! Sip, don’t gulp this drink. It packs a powerful punch. The Italian restaurant that introduced me to these has a three drink maximum. I talked them into a fourth one time and paid dearly.

Thank you, Desert Muses, for having me here today. Cheers!

Anita Cox is a bestselling author of a growing number of novels. For over ten years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, and paranormal, romances via traditional, independent, and audio publishers. An only child born and raised in the Midwest, Anita enjoyed reading novels as a way to occupy herself and set her imagination free. That propensity blossomed into creations of her own as she began crafting novels. In her free time, Anita enjoys fishing, hard rock, and devouring equal portions of strong coffee and well-written novels.



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