March Man-ness 2017 Round 1

mm-button-2And so it begins! Our first bout pits THREE romance hotties against each other: MMA Hunk, Rugby Cutie, and Tall Dark Snark against each other. Read on for a sweet sample of man candy!

MMA Hunk – by Camelia Miron Skiba



I feel like after my man picture won last year’s March Man-ness, the stakes are higher and so are the expectations. As a result I had to do some lengthy digging (no, I’m not complaining that I had to spend hours looking at hot guys’ photos).

This year’s pick portrays my latest hero, from my latest novel (not out yet), Myles Grant an MMA cage fighter. With a business degree in his pocket, Myles makes a fortune not from closing business deals but kicking the ever-living crap out of one man after another and taking great pride in it. Fame, women and luck fall into his lap easier than learning the ABC’s.

When facing his opponent in the cage, he is intimidating. He is a man used to both physical and emotional pain and doesn’t shy away from either. Sometimes his comments get him in trouble—big time. And sometimes he wants what he can’t have. He also wears the guilt over his brother’s death on his sleeves and, while he fights for all the wrong reasons, in the hands of the right woman, Myles becomes the guy worth the heartache and the headache.

I had a tough time trying to choose between some of my fave guys (Nick Bateman, Josh Mario John and Brock O’Hurn ). But since Myles is a UFC champion, I wanted to stay true to his color, hence I went for Conor McGregor who not only impersonates best Myles’ persona, he is a real UFC champion.


Photo by © Nickp37

Rugby Cutie – by Anne A. Wilson

G’day, Ladies, and greetings from Down Under. After a hard fought rugby match, this player is headed to the locker, just another day at the office. And that’s what makes him so hot. Not a drop of attitude here. Just a hard working soul who prefers quiet downtime with his special someone, usually on that secluded beach known only to the locals. A late-night campfire under the southern stars is right up his alley. Yes, he enjoys contemplating the vastness of the universe, but at the same time, he understands that the warmth of you, tucked up under his arm, is all the universe he needs.


Tall Dark Snark – by Shanyn Hosier

The eye rolls. The cocked eyebrows. A smile dripping with so much sass. It seems like everything he says is meme-worthy quips or increasingly ridiculous innuendo.

You’re tempted to either smack that smirk off his face… or kiss it. Is he simply a jerk with zero social skills, or could he be teasing you because he likes you? Perhaps those soulful eyes smoldering behind all the snark tip the balance. You should be angry—and you are, a little—but you can’t help but smile, imagining a dozen steamy ways to shut that mouth.

*All gifs from

Which guy makes you swoon? Vote once by leaving a comment (click the balloon at the beginning of this post) and you’ll be entered to win a $60 Amazon gift card. Voting is open until noon (MST) on Saturday, March 11.


18 thoughts on “March Man-ness 2017 Round 1

  1. It’s hard to not vote for Tall Dark and Snark when you use Han Solo as your example… just saying!

    Tall Dark Snark is my vote mostly because I’m fairly snarky myself and appreciate having that in common with my heroes.

    Liked by 1 person

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