March Man-ness 2017 Round 2

mm-button-2Voting is now closed for Round 1—thanks to all of you who participated. Your vote has entered you in the $60 Amazon gift card raffle. Congratulations to the winner: Tall Dark Snark! He’ll do battle against the winner of this week’s bout.

Now, to bring on the next hunks: Dreamy Demon, Sporty Stud, and Broody Babe. Which of these dreamboats will face the winner of the first round? Fair warning: you might need to fan yourself…

Dreamy Demon – by Mimi Sebastian

ewanEwan March, a demon warrior, challenged my necromancer heroine’s senses and he’ll challenge yours. Who can resist his six plus feet of chiseled muscle and coiled sexuality? Is he a hero? He may not save the world but he’ll risk anything, even torture and punishment, for one moment of passion with the woman he loves. Ewan doesn’t seek redemption for his sins. He seeks to envelope his lover in them. Care to taste his brand of sin?

Sporty Stud – by Leslie Jones

Source: Source:

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Brought to You by the Letter O…

The alphabet never looked so good! This athlete need wear nothing but his Shimanos to get your blood pumping. Is he training for the Tour de France, or training to gift you with the Big O? Trust me, you won’t see this guy on Sesame Street, but his brand of alphabet is magic in the bedroom.



Broody Babe – by Sandy Wright

Photo by Christian Coulson/Idols

Oh, the eyes. Dark, smoldering, I want you eyes. Astonishing, bone-melting desire flares in those eyes. He has the passion—and the confidence—to put you first while making love. He’ll make sure you’re weak-kneed and happily sated before he thinks about himself.

I can’t wait for this sexy Irish star to return. He was appealing as a vampire in Being Human, strong and driven as Kili in The Hobbit. But as BBC’s Poldark, he’s hot, hot, hot. Brooding hot and tightly wound. A bad boy with his heart on his sleeve. If you haven’t seen Aidan Turner in Poldark, take a weekend to soak him up in back episodes before season 3 begins this spring. The shirtless with scythe episode in season 2 was record-breaking. Pay particular attention to the delicious dance sequences. Real-life Aidan was a competitive dancer, Latin and ballroom, before his acting career heated up.

And those curls? They’re real. Yum.

Which guy makes you swoon? Vote once by leaving a comment (click the balloon at the top of this post) and you’ll be entered to win a $60 Amazon gift card. Voting is open until noon (MST) on Saturday, March 18.


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