Hispanic Heritage Month

by Maria Cox, guest blogger

Hispanics have had a profound influence on society. With a strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service Hispanics of all walks of life have excelled and prospered and reached once unimaginable heights.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (celebrated September 15 – October 15) I present to you three notable Hispanic authors; in alphabetical order below:

Isabel Allende (August 2, 1942 – )

A Chilean writer Ms. Allende also pens in the “magic realist” tradition. In 2004, Ms. Allende was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and she received Chile’s National Literature Prize in 2010.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez (March 6, 1927 – April 17, 2014)

Also known as ‘Gabo’, Mr. Garcia Marquez was a Colombian novelist, short-story writer and journalist. He was one of the most significant Latino writers of the 20th century known for popularizing a literary style labeled as ‘magic realism’. Mr. Garcia Marquez was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982.

Mario Vargas Llosa (March 28, 1936 – )

A Peruvian-Spanish writer, Mr. Vargas Llosa is not only an accomplished writer, but he is also a politician, a journalist, and essayist. Mr. Vargas Llosa won the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature and is one of Latin America’s most noteworthy writers.

For more information on Hispanic Heritage Month, visit the official website: http://www.hispanicheritagemonth.org/

Happy reading!

Maria Cox is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and also the Treasurer of RWA/NYC. Maria has also served as President of the Phoenix Writers Club.

Maria has been writing stories since she was a young girl. She picked up her first romance novel when she was just eleven years old and has loved the genre ever since. Maria writes sensual romance, stories that showcase strong, sassy, and sexy characters. When not writing fiction, Maria works as a technical writer. She lives in Queens, New York.

Please visit her site www.mariacox.net and/or follow her on Twitter.


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