I Finished Framed!

by Leslie Jones

Framed, the 4th and final book in my Duty & Honor series, gave me fits for months. At long last, though, I typed those magic words: The End. On Friday at 4:00pm EST, I hit ‘send’ on an email transmitting Framed to my amazing (and very patient) editor. With one click, I lost 400 pounds – 1 pound per page.

Typewriter typing The End.





The first thing I did, of course, was the Happy Snoopy Dance.

Snoopy dancing crazily.






The next day, I stared at the TV without seeing or hearing a word. I’m not even sure what show was on. My brain went on vacation to Tahiti, leaving my carcass behind.

GIF of a cow drooling.





Today, I went to see Wonder Woman, a movie I’d been dying to see for weeks. I enjoyed it as much as I expected to. DC finally found a winner!

Picture of Wonder Woman dancing.






The next few weeks will be busy, as we sort through a decade of crap and decide what to move to our new house, and what to get rid of. Our move from Scottsdale to Peoria is especially exciting, since my mother is moving from Portland down to the Valley in a few weeks, and we’ll be living close to one another.

Moving house with wheels and smoke coming out of the chimney.






Pretty soon, though, I’ll be feeling that itch again. I’m looking forward to sitting down with a pad of paper, and brainstorming my new series.

A "loading" circle around the word "thinking."







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