March Man-ness 2017: The Final Round

The preliminary rounds are over, and we witnessed two epic battles that left us breathless and fanning ourselves. Oh, the man-flesh! Oh, the pectorals!

Here in the final hours, we’re drunk on all those six-pack abs, woozy from so many come-hither stares emanating from sultry bedroom eyes, buzzing with the addictive, seductive power of alpha… and beta… males. So many pretty men, but only one can be crowned the hottest of the hotties.

And now it’s down to the final two gladiators in this tournament of man-flesh.

In a close contest, Tall Dark Snark edged out MMA Hunk and Rugby Cutie. He goes up against Broody Babe, who beat out Dreamy Demon and Sporty Stud. Which one of these undefeated fellas is the ultimate Romance Hottie for 2017? You decide!

Tall Dark Snark – by Shanyn Hosier

The eye rolls. The cocked eyebrows. A smile dripping with so much sass. It seems like everything he says is meme-worthy quips or increasingly ridiculous innuendo.

You’re tempted to either smack that smirk off his face… or kiss it. Is he simply a jerk with zero social skills, or could he be teasing you because he likes you? Perhaps those soulful eyes smoldering behind all the snark tip the balance. You should be angry—and you are, a little—but you can’t help but smile, imagining a dozen steamy ways to shut that mouth.

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Broody Babe – by Sandy Wright

Photo by Christian Coulson/Idols

Oh, the eyes. Dark, smoldering, I want you eyes. Astonishing, bone-melting desire flares in those eyes. He has the passion—and the confidence—to put you first while making love. He’ll make sure you’re weak-kneed and happily sated before he thinks about himself.

I can’t wait for this sexy Irish star to return. He was appealing as a vampire in Being Human, strong and driven as Kili in The Hobbit. But as BBC’s Poldark, he’s hot, hot, hot. Brooding hot and tightly wound. A bad boy with his heart on his sleeve. If you haven’t seen Aidan Turner in Poldark, take a weekend to soak him up in back episodes before season 3 begins this spring. The shirtless with scythe episode in season 2 was record-breaking. Pay particular attention to the delicious dance sequences. Real-life Aidan was a competitive dancer, Latin and ballroom, before his acting career heated up.

And those curls? They’re real. Yum.

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