My Passion for Writing

The Desert Muses are thrilled to announce our October guest blogger. Please help me welcome romance author, Mercedes Cruz.

Seated at her desk contemplating her assignment the ‘carrot top’ school girl with so many ideas didn’t know where to start. Realizing her time was limited she began writing and suddenly words seemed to flow from inside her. The shy, smiley faced girl pictured each sentence entering from the top of her head, down to her hands and onto paper. Never mind that the assignment was just a 15-minute classroom project, the simple act of writing brought much happiness; it was one of few joys in her life.

If you haven’t figured it out by now that little girl was me!

It wasn’t until I moved out of my parent’s apartment and attended college that my shyness went away. I suppose paying your own bills has a way of removing barriers; I call it the “Are you paying my bills?” effect. What it really means is, if you’re not paying my bills I probably won’t value your input much. So, these days when I want to accomplish something and I feel someone or a situation preventing me from moving forward, I ask myself, “Are you paying my bills?”

Later in life, as a young woman I went on to write many stories, poems, and class assignments, yet I never considered writing as a profession…until one day.

Once I decided to focus on writing as a career I realized just how much work went into producing a novel. But it wasn’t until I wrote two short stories that I decided to complete my manuscript and most importantly submit it.

When I’m not writing I’m reading almost anything I can get my hands on. Although I will admit if I pick up a novel that I just can’t get into I put it down and I’m done with it. I refuse to utilize my time reading something I don’t like, when I have plenty of books to choose from. Everyone has to do what they think is right for them.

I draw ideas for my stories from everyday life experiences. Living in a big city like New York helps; if I’m ever lacking inspiration I only need to walk down the street. In fact, my most recent manuscript was inspired by my recent move to Brooklyn and by the many influential Latinas I’m fortunate to know.


mcruzMercedes keeps a journal in which she writes daily sometimes several times a day. She holds a B.S. in Marketing and is an active member of both RWA/NYC and Las Comadres Para Las Americas Organization.

Mercedes is a big believer in helping fellow authors. Mercedes lives in Brooklyn, New York.

To learn more about Mercedes, please visit her blog and/or follow her on Twitter.