The Creative Mind

creativemindby Maria Cox

I’m fascinated by all types of creative people and by what makes us unique. My curiosity on the subject of creatives has often led me to wonder, what really makes us so unique? Think about this: Without creative types the world might have never had its share of rich literature, expressive music, dramatic art.

Recently, I conducted a research online and discovered a set of inherent traits creative types share.

Creative types:

–Are easily bored

A short attention span for creative individuals isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it usually indicate that the creative person has mastered one concept and is ready to move on to the next.

–Take risks

Oftentimes, fear of criticism and rejection prevent people from sharing their final product. Not creatives, though, they go out on to the ledge. Remember, fearlessness is essential!

–Don’t like rules

The creative person isn’t afraid to challenge and defy the rules.

–Make lots of mistakes

An athlete doesn’t get to be star basketball player by attempting just a few shots, a composer doesn’t write a world-class symphony on the first try. The creative process is the same, lots of trial and error.

–Are self-motivated

Creatives don’t wait around for the right opportunity to materialize, we just get to work.

Another surprising fact of creatives is that they function better in a disorganized environment.

I imagine that some of you will be delighted to discover that a study conducted by the American Psychological Association on September 2013 (source: found that working in a messy room encouraged some people to come up with creative ideas while others were encouraged to try new things.

Now you have a perfect justification to go on living your life with that messy desk!


FacebookMaria Cox has a degree in Business Administration with a Minor in Computer Applications. She also has an accreditation from the Project Management Institute.

Maria has been writing stories since she was a young girl. She picked up her first romance novel when she was just eleven years old and has loved the genre ever since.

Maria is PRO member of Romance Writers of America (RWA), a member of RWA/NYC, and also the past President of the Phoenix Writers Club. She currently lives in Queens, New York.

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